Commemoration Services

5 Commemoration Funeral Services

Commemorating loving memories is our core strength

We believe that every life story deserves to be told, shared and remembered in a very special way. We will help you to create a unique funeral where we display your loved one’s photographs, videos, personal memorabilia and more. We offer a wide range of services that make the entire funeral wake more reflective of your loved one’s life. This provides everyone attending the funeral wake the opportunity to express their love, gratitude and thanks.

Tree of loving memories: writing and hanging condolence messages and memories of your loved one on this tree of remembrance.

Photo book of loving memories: recap the life stories of your loved one through photographs.

Board of loving memories: displaying of photographs on a memory board during the funeral wake so that visitors can reflect on the life that was lived.

Video of loving memories: a specially created video montage played during the funeral wake to reminisce the life of your loved one.

Customised commemoration products/services: if you like, our certified funeral celebrant will go through the life story of your loved one with you to customize a commemoration that best represents your loved one. For example:

A miniature fortune cat (招财猫) was given as souvenirs to funeral attendees because the departed loved the fortune cat when he was alive.

A Mickey Mouse keychain was given out as souvenirs to visitors as the deceased adored Mickey Mouse.

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