Funeral Concierge

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Funeral Celebrant Service – The difference

A certified funeral celebrant will spend hours creating the ceremony and learning about your loved one in unhurried meetings with your family.

We will carefully craft the eulogy and create a ceremony with music, quotes, readings, unique symbols and rituals that best honour your loved one. No ceremony is delivered unless every detail of the eulogy is checked and approved by the family.

With compassion, sincerity and great care, the funeral celebrant officiates at the ceremony held at the funeral home, crematorium, cemetery or memorial location of your choice.

After the funeral, the celebrant presents your family with a beautiful copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.

Life Celebrant is the only funeral company that provides Funeral Celebrant ceremonies.


Religious Funeral Ceremonies

Christian/Catholic Funerals – A funeral done in accordance to the Christian/Catholic faiths and traditions.

Buddhist Funerals – A simple and dignified funeral with monks performing buddhist rites.

Taoist Funerals – Elaborate Taoist funerals can also be arranged with us.

Sea Burials – Scattering of cremated remains in a more dignified and meaningful way. Choose from our range of biodegradable seashell urns for a sea burial send off.

Baby Angels Series – There is just no greater loss and grief felt than in the death of a child. We wish to begin this painful process with you to help you to begin to heal. Place your trust in us because we care.


Non-Religious Funeral Ceremonies

Secular Funerals – A funeral, organized for the deceased with no religious faith, where the funeral celebrant focuses on the life and/or hobbies of the deceased.

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