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“When I die, I want…”. Your right to choose doesn’t have to expire when you do.

Planning in advance for your own funeral, or that of a loved one, is accepting responsibility by planning for the inevitable. It allows you to take charge of how people will remember you and how they will celebrate your life.

It can also save those you leave behind the burden of making the arrangements while they are grieving. By planning in advance, costs are lowered and money is saved because a well-educated funeral consumer usually gets more for the funeral dollar and spends less.

Some things, funeral arrangements, are just tough to go through with your family, and sometimes you just never do.

All your life, you have a say over your choices – of wardrobe, hobbies, education and friends. We think a funeral should be as unique and personal in the individual it honours. That’s the kind of freedom of choice Life Celebrant believes in, which is why we have created the Life Celebrant Remembrance Kit (LCRK) to help you have a say in these matters. Whatever you choose – traditions, budget, music, etc – Life Celebrant is here to help you to express your wishes, your way.

The Personal Record Folio (PRF) within the LCRK helps you to tell your family about things that are important to you. The PRF records important information like the location of your will, your insurance records, safe deposit box, apologies, thanks, or messages that you have been wanting to express but never knew how, and other critical documents.

After you have completed the PRF, you will then place the LCRK it at the location of your choice for your family’s easy retrieval in the future.

This proper recording will help your family from having to search desperately for your papers at a time when their grief and stress of losing you are great overwhelming.

Filling out the PRF isn’t just an act of wisdom, it is an act of love.

Order your kit now or contact us for a chat with one of our specialists. Important information such as this should not be kept to yourself.

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